Aktarus Group

Building & Construction - Walls

For thermal and external insulation Aktarus Group offers SPACELOFT®, an insulating flexible blanket composed of aerogel, compression resistant, breathable and water repelling, available in rolls; and NANSULATE®, a thermal insulating, anti-mold nanotechnological paint.


DESCRIZIONE MATERIALE AK DRT06 viene commercializzato sotto forma di materassino flessibile in rotoli aventi altezza 1500 mm circa e lunghezza rispettivamente 45 mt , 36 mt e 25 mt per le diverse tipo [...]

Spaceloft® - The origin of the species

Spaceloft® is a flexible nanoporous insulator which can be used for both commercial and residential work. Spacelot®, is a product made of aerogel used for construction work. It can be used in temper [...]


Nansulate® is nanotechnological breathable paint which, thanks to its nanomolecular patent – Hydro-NM-Oxide found inside the paint, is able to create a thin but tough barrier for the passage of [...]