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Walls - Nansulate®

Nansulate® is nanotechnological breathable paint which, thanks to its nanomolecular patent – Hydro-NM-Oxide found inside the paint, is able to create a thin but tough barrier for the passage of heat. It offers constant insulating capability over time.
Nansulate® is also highly resistant to mold growth, waterproof and breathable. It is non-toxic because made primarily with water and it is environment- friendly.

Nansulate® gives a translucent and compact finish which is virtually invisible on most surfaces; it can be used to isolate both internal and external walls and can be applied directly on most materials such as: brick, plaster, concrete, stone and wood thus drastically reducing a home’s energy consumption by up to 46%.

Nansulate® can be simply applied with airless; a gallon of the product (3, 79 l) is sufficient to isolate an area of 15 square meters giving it three coats (recommended).

The advantage of using an insulating liquid such as Nansulate® paint is the considerable improvement in the entire building’s thermal capabilities. It is not ,however, invasive like classic coating from both an aesthetic and work point of view.

You may wish to know that…
35 % of heat loss in a building is through the walls and 25% through the roof.
Being able to lower the temperature by one degree means reducing energy consumption from 8 to 10% each year and avoiding the emission of 470 kg of CO2.
Increase you building’s energy efficiency easily and effectively by using Nansulate®.
Enjoy your home with a constant temperature by creating a pleasant, healthy and energetically efficient environment. Nansulate® leaves the heat out during summer and blocks heat dispersion during the winter.

The Nansulate® products for building & construction use are:

  • Nansulate Home Protect Clear Coat®
  • Nansulate GP®