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Walls - Spaceloft® – The origin of the species

Spaceloft® is a flexible nanoporous insulator which can be used for both commercial and residential work.

Spacelo, is a product made of aerogel used for construction work. It can be used in temperatures that range from –200 °C to +200 °C. It has been optimized for cost/performance ratio at room temperature and comes in sizes 5 and 10 mm.

Spaceloft®‘s, unique characteristics such as extremely low thermal conductivity (λ = 0,014 W/m*K), superior flexibility, resistance to compression, hydrophobic features and ease of use make it essential for anyone looking for the best in thermal protection.
Spaceloft®’s nanotechnology patent combines the silicone aerogel components with reinforced PP felted fibers in order to provide the best performance and safe use for both man and the environment.

Spaceloft® requires less installation time: it is easy to cut and adapts to complex shapes, tight curvatures and places with limited access.

Spaceloft® is soft and flexible, physically robust but also has excellent shape recovery of the installation project’s form and performance even after compression.

Spaceloft® can be used to obtain the highest energy efficiency in walls, roofs, frames and windows.

Spaceloft® is a tested insulator and is effective in building work because it achieves the highest possible values of thermal resistance with an extremely small width, thus virtually eliminating thermal bridges.
Consequently there is an effective increase in the building’s overall energy efficiency along with excellent thermal and acoustic performance. It can also be applied for insulating windows and on parts of a roof where conventional material, due to its thick size, cannot be used.