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AKLEAN is a range of highly innovative patented nanotechnolgy products that were developed for treating glass surfaces and fabrics in general. They were designed to improve fundamental features such as water repellency, resistance to shock, impacts, abrasions and to increase electrostaticity.

Surfaces in General

AKLEAN suggests using the AK1 – Tseries nanomolecular wax for treating surfaces. This wax seals the micro-pores of the treated surfaces making them anti-adherent and resistant to scratches and u [...]


AKLEAN suggests using NANOTEXTILE for fabric protection. This is an innovative nanotechnological coating product that gives excellent water and oil repellency to treated surfaces. If needed it also re [...]


The AKLEAN treatment which is meant for glass can also be applied to the majority of surfaces containing silica (silica dioxide) such as glass, crystal, tiles, porcelain, granite and quarz. This treat [...]