Aktarus Group

AKlean - Fabric

AKLEAN suggests using NANOTEXTILE for fabric protection. This is an innovative nanotechnological coating product that gives excellent water and oil repellency to treated surfaces. If needed it also removes stains.

NANOTEXTILE is suitable for all fabric types and covers each fiber with an anti-adhesive coating: dry dirt does not stick to the fabric and fluids are no longer absorbed by the fibers. Water, coffee, food and fatty liquid substances are repelled by the treated fabrics. Excessive dirt too can be easily removed without leaving any traces.

After using NANOTEXTILE on curtains, sofas and table cloths they will not absorb water or any other liquid and will be kept dry and clean.

NANOTEXTILE is made primarily of water and is thus environment friendly.

NANOTEXTILE isolates the individual fibers without clogging the gaps, leaving the fabric’s breathability intact. This treatment does not change the fabric’s consistency nor does it make it rigid.