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AKlean - Glass

The AKLEAN treatment which is meant for glass can also be applied to the majority of surfaces containing silica (silica dioxide) such as glass, crystal, tiles, porcelain, granite and quarz. This treatment can reduce maintenance time and costs from 50% to 90% and increase performance of the fundamental features such as water repellency, shock resistance, impact, abrasion and electrostaticity.

Treatment with AKLEAN creates an effective barrier against dirt and maintains a more hygienic environment. It requires less cleaning effort, less maintenance and there is no need to use chemical detergents.

Treatment with AKLEAN requires only a few minutes of application yet it has a long life span depending on the surface’s abrasion level.

Treatment with AKLEAN will satisfy all your needs which range from steam cabins for industrial production use to solutions for your home.

Industrial use

  • STEAM CABIN: ideal for applying on large surfaces. AKLEAN solutions can be applied during the production phase and allow you to cover both sides of the surface in one single step. The value for money ratio is extremely advantageous because there is a considerable yield increase per sq m.

Applying it manually

  • SPRAY: ideal for applying on medium-sized surfaces. AKLEAN spray treatment costs are limited. They are quick and easy to apply and are ideal for windows, external facades, glass/ceramic tiles, shop windows and for solar/photovoltaic panels.
  • WET WIPES: ideal for small surfaces. An AKLEAN treatment using wet wipes can be carried out during routine cleaning and maintenance on windows, shower enclosures, mirrors, granite work surfaces, ceramic tiles and car windshields.

AKLEAN offers three solutions for the treatment of glass and other silica surfaces:

  • the MAGIC CLEAR line for cleaning and restoration work;
  • the DIAMON FUSION® and CLEAR FUSION® lines for protection and increased performance.