Aktarus Group

AKlean - Surfaces in General

AKLEAN suggests using the AK1 – Tseries nanomolecular wax for treating surfaces. This wax seals the micro-pores of the treated surfaces making them anti-adherent and resistant to scratches and ultraviolet rays.

The nanomolecules found inside the AK1 – Tseries wax accelerate the dripping process of water and other liquids but at the same time avoid grease, dust and contaminants from penetrating the substrate surfaces. Furthermore, the treated surfaces are more resistant to marks, scratches and fingerprints, and do not leave halo marks on the surface which are typical of traditional waxes.

Cleaning the treated parts is thus faster, more economic and environment friendly thanks to the limited use of cleaning detergents. AK1 – Tseries‘ s ultraviolet sun rays protection retains the material’s brightness and colors.

Surfaces that can be treated with AK1 – Tseries include metals in general, stainless steal, aluminum, wood, leather, laminates, plastic and painted surfaces.