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How to use our products

How to use our products - AKlean

How does it work?
If you look inside a microscope, you will notice that standard glass (like other seemingly smooth surfaces) in actual fact has a rippled surface which can be infiltrated by water, limestone, soap, salt and dirt.
Over time these impurities accumulate and require both regular cleaning and sanitizing of the surfaces.
AKLEAN treatments, which are inspired by hydrophobic surfaces found in nature, form a covalent chemical bond with the molecular structure of the silica, and thus become part of the surface’s structure at the molecular level. The result is the creation of a smooth barrier, if seen through a microscope and transparent from optical point of view, thus making it impossible for any kind of dirt to penetrate the internal surface.
AKLEAN protective treatments create active repellent action against water and dirt, helping to keep the surfaces clean for extremely longer periods of time. On a surface that hasn’t been treated with AKLEAN solutions, water and dirt adhere quickly to the glass’s micro-porosity. The hydrophobic properties of AKLEAN treatments ensure that the water flows both freely and quickly, thus taking away the dirt and limestone.
The AKLEAN product line increases up to 10 times the surface’s resistance to force and impact.

Contact angle
The contact angle is the scientific method for measuring the water repellency of a surface. A greater contact angle means a greater capacity for water repellency.