Aktarus Group

Hydro, advanced nanotechnology refreshment


Aktarus Group presents Hydro2, the refreshing nanotechnological band made of 100% cotton. Hydro2 is made of a nano soluble component which, in contact with water, turns into a special gel that activates constant and uniform heat which lowers the body’s surface temperature.

Hydro2 is an innovative product by the Aktarus Group designed to give comfort and refreshment to athletes that are under physical stress. It also contrasts heat during common everyday activities, restoring freshness and wellness to the body during the warm season.

The refreshing nanotechnolgy Hydro2 band is safe for one’s health and completely non-toxic, as demonstrated by rigorous testing in order to guarantee complete safety and ensures uniform heat exchange in areas subject to temperature increase due to physical exertion. As a matter of fact you can wear Hydro2 on your wrists, ankles, neck or belt and as a headband, which also serves as a sweat absorber without leaving stains.
Using Hydro2 is simple: the first time it is used it needs to be placed in water for at least 4 hours after which its refreshing power lasts for 3 days. After the first time, Hydro2 can be used up to 30 times..

Hydro2 brings nanotechnology innovation to the skin in complete safety. Advanced nanotechnological refreshment.

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