Aktarus Group

Industry - High Temperatures

Aktarus Group offers: PYROGEL® a thermal insulating blanket made of aerogel. It is flexible and its mechanical features are ideal for use in conditions where temperatures range from -40° C a + 650° C ; NANSULATE® a nanotechnological insulating, anti-corrosion and anti-mold paint for temperatures reaching +232° C.

Cuscini isolanti

ISOLAMENTO RIMOVIBILE NANOTECNOLOGICO L’isolamento RIMOVIBILE NANOTECNOLOGICO è un involucro isolante composto da uno o più strati di materiale isolante a base AEROGEL racchiuso in un contenitor [...]

Pyrogel® XTF

Pyrogel® XTF FLEXIBLE INDUSTRIAL INSULATION FOR HIGH-TEMPERATURE APPLICATIONS Pyrogel® XTF is a high-temperature insulation blanket formed of silica aerogel and reinforced with a non-woven, high-t [...]


Nansulate®is a breathable paint that can be applied to any structure. It offers great performance in a unique and versatile system: thermal insulation, protection against mold and corrosion, chemical [...]

Pyrogel® XT

Pyrogel® XT is an insulating blanket that is resistant to temperatures that range from -200 °C to + 650 °C. It combines silicone aerogel with reinforced glass fiber in order to obtain secure insula [...]


DESCRIZIONE MATERIALE AK DRT06 viene commercializzato sotto forma di materassino flessibile in rotoli aventi altezza 1500 mm circa e lunghezza rispettivamente 45 mt , 36 mt e 25 mt per le diverse tipo [...]