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High Temperatures - Nansulate®

Nansulate®is a breathable paint that can be applied to any structure. It offers great performance in a unique and versatile system: thermal insulation, protection against mold and corrosion, chemical and fire resistant and it respects the environment because it has little VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds).

Nansulate®, thanks to the nanomolecule Hydro-NM-Oxyde, is one of the best insulating materials in the world. It is made of a combination of acrylic resins and performing additives.

In the industrial field the need to control heat loss, and as a result energy loss through insulation, is a fundamental requirement in order to minimize energy consumption and improve the processes. Furthermore, all metal structures and equipment fall prey to rust and corrosion, a process that can lead to wear, damage and structural failure. Even mold and condensation have become the most serious and persistent problems that occur on the surfaces of industrial plants, causing health hazards.

Nansulate®‘s particular porous structure – of nanometric dimensions – obstructs the heat transfer’s path by expressing extremely low thermal conductivity.
Since thermal conductivity is the ability to conduct heat, a lower value has a better insulation capacity.
Nansulate® also offers strong adhesion to the substrate surface and contrasts corrosive and proliferating agents: rust, mold and fungi; once applied it doesn’t create a vapor barrier and it’s impermeable to water.

Nansulate® products are NSF certified due to their thermal insulating and anti-mold features. They are also suitable for the food industry, for pharmaceutical structures and as coatings for environmental rehabilitation projects.

Nansulate® products for industrial use are:

  • Nansulate HH ®(High Heat)
  • Nansulate PT®
  • Nansulate EPX-4®