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High Temperatures - Pyrogel® XT

Pyrogel® XT is an insulating blanket that is resistant to temperatures that range from -200 °C to + 650 °C. It combines silicone aerogel with reinforced glass fiber in order to obtain secure insulation with superior thermal performance even in harsh environments.

Pyrogel® XT achieves this thermal performance, of utmost importance in the industrial sector, through a product that is flexible, easy to use and environmentally safe.

Pyrogel® XT repels liquids but allows the passage of steam, thus helping to prevent corrosion under the insulating material.

Pyrogel® XT is soft and flexible, physically robust, but has excellent shape recovery and project performance even after compression.

It is ideal for insulating curved and complex surfaces, tubes, pressure vessels, tanks and equipment used in petrochemical and refining industries. Pyrogel® XT is an essential material for those seeking the top in terms of thermal efficiency.

The unique features such as extremely low thermal conductivity, good flexibility and ease of use make Pyrogel® XT the best insulating product for protecting industrial plants in high temperatures.

Pyrogel® XT is also available as Pyrogel® XTF. This product was specially formulated to provide exceptional and lasting protection against fire.