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Low Temperatures - Cryogel®

Cryogel® is the name of the aerogel-based product to be used in low temperatures that range from -200 °C to 90 °C.

Cryogel® is an excellent insulator for delivering the best thermal conductivity performance at low temperatures.

Cryogel® is a combination of silica gel and reinforcing fibers aim at achieving fundamental thermal performance in the industrial sector. It is easy to use and environment friendly.

Cryogel®‘s extremely low thermal conductivity reduces heat absorption and fluid leakage. Its unique composition reduces installation work and its flexibility makes it durable and resistant to mechanical wear.

Cryogel® is soft and flexible, physically robust, but with an excellent recovery of the work’s shape and performance even after compression.

Cryogel®s limited width and durability make it one of the most competitive insulation products for the refrigeration industry in all possible applications, from processing plants and storage depots to refrigerated transportation.

Cryogel® is also available as Cryogel® Z which has an integrated vapor barrier. It is designed to provide the maximum thermal protection with minimum size and weight and no water vapor permeability at all, thus giving superior protection against humidity.