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Photovoltaic - AKlean

AKLEAN is a range of highly innovative and patented nanotechnology products developed for the treatment of silica-based surfaces and to improve the performance of key features such as water repellency, resistance to shock, impact, abrasion and electrostaticity increase.

AKLEAN recommends the use of its products for the treatment of glass panels, solar thermal and photovoltaic surfaces.

AKLEAN treatments not only reduce the frequency that panels need to be cleaned (and making the cleaning process much easier when it needs to be carried out), it also makes them resistant to impact and scratches. As a result those who own solar panels that have been treated with AKLEAN products will notice much cleaner panels and also effective protection from damage that may be caused by flying debris such as tree branches, hail or other weather conditions.

The secret of this success is the patented nanotechnology AKLEAN treatments which improve and protect the treated surfaces with an ultra-thin barrier that enhances and protects against limestone and sodium deposits, detergents, pollutants and endures the effects of the weather.

This also means significant ecological benefits. It maintains a more hygienic environment, reduces the presence of bacteria and also drastically reduces the need for using harsh detergents.

These benefits provide remarkable cost savings in terms of time and products, creating an added value to any solar thermal and/or photovoltaic system.

The photovoltaic and solar panels treated with AKLEAN also improve the resistance to impacts and reduce the risk of scratches, nicks or cracks on the panel’s glass surfaces. Objects need to weigh 10 times more to cause the same damage on a surface that has been treated with AKLEAN as opposed to one that hasn’t. Furthermore, AKLEAN treatments protect from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and optical clarity on any thermal or photovoltaic solar panel.

AKLEAN treatments can be easily applied to the solar thermal and photovoltaic panels manually. Our products can be easily applied either by using spray or wet wipes, thus satisfying all your needs.

AKLEAN offers three solutions for the treatment of photovoltaic and solar panels:

  • the MAGIC CLEAR line for cleaning and restoration work;
  • the DIAMON FUSION® and CLEAR FUSION® line for protection and increased performance.